Ga Ga a a aaaa
Ja Ja Java Java
Ga Ga u le le le
Ja Ja Java Java soul
La La u a a aaaa
Ja Ja Java Java
Ga ga u le le le
Ja Ja Java Java soul

I wanna program like they do at Oracle
Let you feel my HotSpot, let you through my firewalls
I’m object oriented and I’m ready to Browse
So call me to my house and I will let you click my mouse

You can download me anywhere
You can get me for free

Java soul, Java soul
Java soul, Java soul
Java Java Java
Java soul your PC hundredmillion times
Ja Ja Java soul, all nigth
Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Java soul
Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja JA Java soul
Java soul

If you say Voulez.vous(coucher).avec(moi);
I’m up for it if you can write it in Java
From software application to web application
My booty shakes that it’s been just-in-time compilation

Some people prefer other languages
And that’s OK if you’re retarded, I guess
They can go home with all their .NET mates
And jerk off to a picture of William Henry Gates